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Challenges, Choices, and Change:
Challenges, Choices, and Change: Making a Home

The stories told here reveal the challenges faced by the diverse people who have made McLean County their home. These are stories of determination and hard choices, of the ways traditions were maintained and new ones invented, of how lives unfolded and changed—of Making a Home.

Who are the people who have made McLean County their home?
Where did they come from and how did they get here?
What did they experience after they arrived?


Curated By

Susan K. Hartzold

Exhibit Consultation

Gina Hunter

Assistance Provided By

Anthony Bowman
Tod Eagleton
Greg Koos
Gary Iverson
Milan Jackson
Hannah Johnson
Billie Kirkton
Dee Myer
Candace Summers
Bill Kemp
Kate E. Kettelkamp
Rachael Masa
Mike Matejka
Torii Moré
George Perkins
Daryl Watson
Beth Whisman
Ashley White
Jeff Woodard
Mark Wyman
Bill Zimmerman

Special Thanks To

The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
The Illinois State Museum, Springfield
The Fort, Lexington
The North Danvers Mennonite Church
Chad Schieler

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Donors to the Extending Excellence Campaign for the McLean County Museum of History

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Susan K. Hartzold