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Challenges, Choices, and Change:

Since the time that people first occupied McLean County, conflict has been part of its history.

Discrimination, inequality, and denial of rights caused tension that sometimes resulted in violence among residents, especially as the population and diversity of the community grew.

The power to control the outcomes of these conflicts was most often held by the majority. But sometimes who had the power changed.

Explore the stories presented here to learn about major and minor conflicts that have shaped the social fabric of McLean County.

Learn about opposing points of view held by local citizens and decide for yourself who had the power.

Who had the power?

  • Was it the majority?
  • What opportunities, if any, did minority groups have to affect change?
  • What happened when the minority decided to make a stand, defy the norms, or take matters into their own hands?
  • Who in our community wielded the greatest power over time and why?
  • Which words shown below the stories would you use to describe what happened?


The stories shared in this exhibit may evoke strong responses or emotions.


Curated and Designed by

Susan K. Hartzold

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Torii Moré

Edited by

Hannah Johnson

Special Thanks to

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